Fashion Engineer


When I updated my bio as “Fashion Engineer” on my twitter (@emailkran), people went bonkers! They started asking “what is fashion to do with Engineering”?

I am an Engineer. I am into Fashion. simple!!

Engineering is about making things better, about automation, about making existing processes better. I web-engineered this fashion site, mechanical engineered the machinery that are used to bring some of the awesome fashions available at Deysi’s fashion store. ( )

I want to thank two inspiring people- Nina & Becky

I know Nina(@ninapaley) from the day I saw “This world is mine” some 5-6 years ago. Her work at continues to inspire me.  Then she shifted her base to textile based animation. Even before Nina  started the professional “Palegray labs” ( ) I was stalking her extensive research on the quilt fashion & embroidery. Nina is practically, I quote “the mother of embroidermation”.

Then there was Becky!! (@bekathwia ) who’s research excited & inspired me more. Becky is an awe-inspiring genius, a guru of wearable electronics. ( ) I feel as if Tesla himself is talking when Becky explains her inventions in her tutorials. These people introduced me to a whole new world of opportunities of learning.

Nina teaches about quilt, embroidery, patterns. Becky teaches A to Z of wearable electronics. You can get enough videos and content from the above links of these respective geniuses. So, I am not adding any 🙂


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Hi, I am kran. I write about any thoughts that inspire me.

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