“The value of a man” – Thoughts of Rohit Vemula

“The value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing. Never was a man treated as a mind.”
-Rohit vemula

Read and reread it. Society is turning into that. I am an optimist & alive. So still trying for the best. become the change you wish to see. There will not be a need for another Rohit to give away his life for stupid casteism…

He was like Abhilasha lo chiranjeevi. He was not fighting about a person. It’s against institution, a Capitol punishment. That is whole point of freedom & debate. When Saddam Husain was executed by USA, many US citizens opposed it. They shouted it’s not right. That does not mean they are anti- national. It’s an opinion.

In a free country you can raise your voice. Some people do not want our country to be really free country with free thoughts. Trying to put ancient rules in place. Free minds should oppose. Keeping calm makes things worse.

Some of my “upper caste” friends come up with very stupid anti-logic & anti-philosophy like “if an upper caste person suicide bcoz of management issue no one cares.. ” That is the whole point. Why still they believe -in upper caste? Why are we still up? Just nuv kamma, Nenu kapu kabatti we should call ourselves upper? Caste is just about trade ani enni sarlu mothukoledu Manam? We shall be just people- for our thoughts..

I’m personally against of reservations too. Reservation is not to help them from caste but from descrimination. Fundamentally every one can see how they are been considered as second grade citizens.when the inequalities are gone the reservation shall be gone. 60 years back even the second grade citizens thought it’s a dream, then a guy among them made it true. Mana 30 years lone we so lot of changes in society. I just appeal that be the change u wish to see.

Did u see dattatreya letter to smriti irani – it sounded as if Rohit is extremist. VHP, bjp guys are famous in playing in anti-national trump card.


I always use to tell my family & friends-

“If religion is all about belief, I believe in something beyond logic called LOVE & something in logic called SCIENCE !! ”





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