Christianity & India

Lets talk about some Gospel (suvaarta in Indian local languages )

It is said that Jesus had his last supper with 12 guys. They are later called apostles.

After The Good Friday, they decided to spread the philosophy of Jesus. This process is the whole funda of suvaarta.

One of them was St.Thomas. He came to Kerala & formed the “Syro-Malabar” church. This is centuries before Christianity was accepted by Rome.

So, this Jesus’s good friend Thomas left his life in Chennai nearly 2000 years ago. In the name of Thomas I pray for chennai.

Catholic Church was brought to India by British because they followed it.

Protestant church came to India with Dutch, because they were against the papal supremacy & extravaganza.

Land of India, so called Punyabhumi – accepted all kinds of gospels from all possible sources. While there is lot of history about how these branches fought among themselves for supremacy or saying they are the “only true messengers”, India took the actual essence of the Christianity very well.

India, the Karma Bhumi, (land of Karma) Till then it was the Karma theory that answered them what is the reason for their current situation & life was their deeds done in this or past life. Karma. Christianity was the perfect alternative for people who were tagged with bad karma or sinner ( Paapi)

It is no wrong statement that most of Indian Dalits are Christians. They got their best answer for their bad karma. They got a new true savior!!

I thank Gods yESU, ganESU, mahESU, ramESU.. Or whatever names he is called in various worlds for letting me this Gospel reach you.

Feliz Natal!!
Merry Christmas !!
Christu pandaga subhakankshalu!!


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