Chandrababu- a study of Hegemony, Nepotism & Casteism

Educated janaba kosam inkosari..
mana chandrababu avineeti meeda Princeton lo janalu Ph.D lo chestunnaru anna sarey.. vaadi meeda enta nammakamo janalaki..

1. This is a stupid hashtag
2. As a head of state, it is stupidity to beg for selfies and hashtags
3. It is more stupidity to fill the internet space with this shitty mugshots.
4. Most important, naku nee Gaddam nachaledu.. nachaledu .. nachaledu. I dis dis dislike your beard! ‪#‎Amaravati‬

About gaddam & gossip-

naku ravi teja gaddam ishtam.. cheptanu..
pawan kalyan gaddam ishtam.. cheptanu..
raghavendra gaddam ishtam.. cheptanu..
ayithe enti?
alage ncb gaddam ishtam ledu .. cheppanu.. nothing.. its a gossip..

About opinion-

I am a citizen, I have every right to express my opinion.. You can counter it.. But you have no right to ask me to stay calm ..I am against this whole Singavati (Singapore Amaravati) non sense .. On the top of it, this stupid publicity.. And then begging for publicity..

I dont know how educated people are supporting this scam ..

This is mere hawala mafia.. wakeup guys!!

This was my post from last march – Now V6 channel is using it in their shows.. It seems I am far ahead in gathering info than any V6 reporters tongue emoticon
Kamma vs Reddys (at state level)
Kamma vs Kapus (at vijayawada level)
Kamma vs Telangana (at migration level)
The history & rise of Kamma community..
NOW a Ph.D thesis at Princeton University. A long video. But interesting…
(Lot of things which we talk informally are now universally accepted.)

Its just Deja vu. The link of V6 newsitem, i got it as whatsapp from a v6 viewer:

But I see the original Full video long before V6 made it a news item. It is available at:


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