Chaganti vs Garikapati ; Religion vs Culture

Changati & Garikapati are two popular names heard in Telugu household in the last decade. These guys are like messiahs of Hindu culture in Telugu household. Both guys have vast knowledge in their respective fields and can discourse for long hours on their belief systems.

But if you observe these guys more close, Chaganti with his lectures on puranas, rituals & practices represents the Religion. Garikapati on the other hand defends & represents Telugu language, history, culture still sticking into the limits of Hinduism.

While Chaganti represents the Hindus who consider Mythology is truth & ancient textures as the true way of life ; Garikapati appeals to take the philosophy instead of the actual texts.

At the time of Godavari pushkaras, Chaganti created panic in the common household that they will get cursed if they dont do rituals in certain ways. Garikapati had to come up with some band-aid measures.

In this Chaganti vs Garikapati issue, Garikapati sounds more rational to me. In the name of Hinduism- promoting social awareness is commendable, but promoting superstitions only leads to an awful society!



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