Bhakts mindset these days


Bhakts(read as blind & irrational followers) mindset these days:

Critic: Dhoni should not have played that shot.
Bhakts: Shut up! Why didnt you come & play? You know how hard he reached there.. bla bla.. You dare to criticize Dhoni.. bla bla ..

Critic: Rajamouli should not have portrayed this way.
Bhakts: Shut up… never criticize someone who is trying to do the best to Telugu cinema. If you are so concerned come and start directing movies.

Critic: Modi is bluffing people in the name Swach bharat..
Bhakts: Shut up.. You are anti national. Why dont you stop criticizing and come to politics and clean it.

Critic: Chandrababu is a bluffing people in the name of Amaravati.
Bhakts: try to keep quiet if you do not like somethng… never criticize someone.. bla bla… If you are so concerned come and take the charge bla bla..

I need not be a Cricketer or Director or Politician or Social worker to comment. I can just comment..

Dear Bhakts, its a progressive society.. You cannot just kill people or their thoughts just because they ask why or why not..


The mindset is like.. evadanna adigithe samadhanam cheppaleka tannali anipinchatam. Rational thinking is what our society needs.


I think word Bhakts recently came into limelight due to Media focus on Modi and his supporters. Bhakts are nothing but supporters or fans.
The reason why you feel that you’re attacked by supporters is simple because you’re on social media.
20 yrs back at a given time a person normally has 10-15 friends with whom he interacts regularly. With passing time you add people but any given time you have 10-15 people around you. Like this in your life time you may know around 500-1000 people may be more. But due to arrival of social media , now you interact to those 500-1000 friends virtually and instantly rather 10-15 people.

Lets go 20 yrs back when you were in Vijaywada where caste conflicts are very well shown. If you criticize a Star from a particular caste then his supporters who’re are actually your friends will attack you (not physically may be verbally or give counter arguments) this number may be 5-10 but now you’re on social media it will be10-20 times more smile emoticon .

This doesn’t mean you should stop posting your arguments and comments. Enjoy my friend


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