Strong or weak – A confused young Indian’s memoir

i am not so lucky, not even one girl friend till now.
My soul says – “You will surely find one ..”
Then my brain reminds me – “Because you did not try stupid!!”

yea..i was a fool all this time..wasted my time. didn’t study or excel in work also.
My brain: “no need to excel, you moron! to have a girl ..”

simply eating,sleeping. Every body on this planet have a right to get girl friend!
India is waste. nothing here other than shit.
My brain: You dumbass. Again India? Foriegn or local … Human values are same every where dear..

I like India minus the humans here. There is no value for human life here. People r so corrupt,greedy,selfish etc
People lost patience and fighting for marathi, telangana, brahmin etc, etc., more smaller things.. In other places of world, people are busy in work, fighting for better healthcare etc.,, Here the people are polluting air, water, food.

Do I agree there is shit only here? I still love my country .. for whatever it is .. Its my home..
But I will be happy to make the world as my home. Lets see .. what God decides ..

It’s strange that -I love India and started hating Indians…

problem is with population too. i am thinking not to have kids if at all I marry; but no girl will be ready for that.
The feeling of India .. shall always makes me so happy and energetic… But some Indian people will come and shits on the beautiful image..

so i am confused what to do. Will my 1 kid stop population?
That thought is too radical for girls to understand.. Then 2nd kid i may adopt anyone. If everyone thinks the same? one kid will not cause any harm. that is where the problem comes.
Cant deny !!

“But I am those who want my DNA on the planet after me.. It’s basically passing information. As my thoughts are not passing information, lest my DNA pass some!”.  Kid is nothing but my DNA.

Anyways main reason is I dont want to be the reason to give life to another soul who will suffer in this cruel world.
That kid shouldn’t ask me ” why did u give birth to me dad. to suffer here ?”

Do I agree about cruelty? World is not that cruel. World has cruel things … and also beautiful things like .. friends, girls, love, sex, feeling of mom, dad,kid, cousin, god, hope, help …

But we humans are weak in general. cant control fate?

That is beauty of life!!
If you know what happens tomorrow.. there is no beauty of life!
I hate when life is predictable..
Thats why I do not mind about having the woman of my life from anywhere else. I shall not bother if she is from my caste, religion, language, color.
i do not mind about jumping job or losing it .. or whatever..

These should be there!! Life cannot be predictable…

i think i should stop thinking abt negative things and do positive things in my life.
I have seen negativest things… of life.. Dearest ones passing away! That changed my life.
After that, any and every problem appears silly to me.. They fought with cruel disease and more cruel – the system..

Whenever I have any small problems or issues I always draw parallel with that and they seem silly and simple to me..

It makes you stronger..whatever didnt kill you. That is what India teaches you..

anyways life is like that.. I need to come out of the box and think +vely.
Shall I tell you one thing? In my observation, we Indians are the most intelligent people than any country people I have met!

You know why?
Struggle for existence….
In India if you are not strong/intelligent.. you will be killed by the social nature or the natural nature.

And thanks to India.


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Hi, I am kran. I write about any thoughts that inspire me.

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