Female species & instincts – a male POV

The world will end. And the human race will be wiped out. And a new set of creatures will originate..

Meanwhile, U take care of urselves.. Start learning how to live with second creature cohesive…
Not an easy task. Live & let live

It will be survival of fittest even in humans. With the femal partner, Don’t tell & talk too much. Listen.. But do not break your head to understand.
To wife? Yes .. Of course
These are some secrets of survival..
Remember: women species, they have better instincts. They always are the fittest.
Don’t try to understand .. But follow blindly..
For a male, it does not appear rational. But they are always right. Magically!!

For a male getting married, that is one committing for the female for life…thou’s own personal goals and ambitions are gone in drain
Thats wat makes feel like sad.
That is mithya
Mithya means?
But, don’t be sad… Her goals are real truth..
That is divine

How can it be?

As a man I think My goals were more realistic, more philosphical.
But the truth is – They bloody know everything!!
Trust me!
They bloody know by instincts.. We, the male know by knowledge & applying philosophy & observation

But as dude we have been trying hard to get atleast to 1% of the truth….all waste.. No use. We fail.Now tat we failed…we will be lead by woman

Genetically women are designed to find the best. Best place to live. Best clothes, best man.. For them. Ofcourse
Don’t argue … U will fail. Rational or irrational. Mostly it shall be irrational ..
The art of unlearning.Yes.. That is bliss

But we don’t get one thing Y r we making money? Tat we won’t need. Women will always insist on making money.
Answer is – Nope… Money is money.. Money is not power.. Women is another form of money. Strength is one form of money.. They will lead u to power..

In this case, go to the house as she wishes. Bed her choice; food her choice; kids her choice; place her choice; job her choice… She knows what she is doing.
U observe.. Don’t quickly resist…
By resistance we will know late.. With out resistance we learn quick

Then it feels like – “Wow tats too much power to them”
But, It’s like skynet. Eventually it happens. U try pathetic… End is common.. U get terminated…
Then they will become the leader of the family. Wat shud we do then? Just sit and watch?
Yes.. They are always.. U r just a face.. Like in chess!!

Have u seen this ad. Reclaim life??
That is next secret…
Reclaim our life? Already half life gone 😦 !! When?

When u get adapted.. Not when u resist..
Doing something tat we don’t want to. Remember Darwin…
Job, personal life etc, All useless variables now. Strength is not key.. Adapting is…
Ur talking abt a species, not abt individuals. When you adapt , then only you can manage… Oh!! This is all science dude…It’s layers of visualization…

Do u really give a damn abt humans as a species?
Yes.. A lot.. It’s interesting. We all think abr ourselves.
We see our life. Not abt our species.
Stop thinking the conflicting details. Let it flow!!
Like in avatar ….
The energy is same..
U have to let it flow…

Thinking paranoia will get you nowhere. Go with the flow.

But keep thinking!! That is what is special abt few species like u & me
We think in the flow. Same like avatar… Again.
What is use? U never know.. It’s a leverage
For happiness & satisfaction.
Best wishes!!


About kranspire

Hi, I am kran. I write about any thoughts that inspire me.

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