The primer of “Swarnakamalam” “Ghanapathi” scene:

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The scholar chants this way:

dhaata raati – raati dhata -dhata raati savita – savita raati dhata- dhata raati savita- raati savita- savita raati-rati savita ..

while the algorithm is

Vedas were not written till recently. So, for thousands of years how did Hindus remember it?
By chanting ; memorizing; algorithmizing the memorization.
The toughest algorithm is “Ghana patham” and for simply remembering 3 words “1”, “2”, “3” they use to remember

The algorithm complexity goes on until the line ends. The longer the line, the longer the complexity.

Thanks to Telugu film director K.Viswanath garu to direct this scene to raise the curiosity in me to find the real Vedic hymn. It is in Atharvana Veda 3.8.2.
“dhaata raatih savitedam jussantam indras tvasta prati gruhnantu me vacha”

Meaning goes something like this:
dhata: Earth
Raatih: night
Savita + idam: this sun
jur+ santam: old and calm
indrah: God Indra
tvasta: form
pratigriha: in every house
vacha: talking

Its beyond incredible and out of the world idea to remember just one line in this algorithm for us. Imagine thousands of sounds were carried for thousands of years like this!!!

The image is a screenshot from the below youtube link


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