Respect in society

My observation: In our society, we stopped respecting people as people. We are only respecting their role. It seems not right. Should we change?

Instance1: a pujari came to my home to do puja. I said “hi andi! Namstey”. But I see no one else cared for him. But when he removed his shirt and start doing puja, people even touch his feet for blessing.

Instance2: one of my uncle is so calm. No one cares or greets him. But when I introduce him as an ex-cop then people throw a greeting on him.

I have 100 more.

When I asked various people “Why this is happening” I got some interesting responses.

Optimists like Anu believe ” it happens anywhere in the world (from my personal experiences). And on the contrary, there are people who respect others irrespective of their roles in every society..”

While practical thinkers like Murali opinion is that “we respect the people acts.. not their personality.. if I understood you correctly and if we start respecting every one just like that without knowing what they do, we will be considered as mental ”

Then there are rebels like Chiru who complete agree with the argument. “Bcz white system dominated indian system.. Nvvesina prashna ki .. manam oka 7 days .. matladukovachuroi… “Bharatha kandanni attudikinche… prashna vesinav… “mana indian system ade ra puranalni.. manam cheppukuntunnam .. tellodu ovveride chesi realit lo chpinchadu…”

Faisal quotes this is happening not just in current society but its an ancient phenomenon which has been always there  “nice observation..quite true..Shakespeare observed it much long ago..All the world is a stage brother..its the roles that matter;)”


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