everything is there in Vedas??

Beware Indians: there a new pseudoscience in market “every scientific thing is there in Vedas”

It is astrology that prevented ancient Indian astronomy and mathematics from flourishing. While great ancient astronomers(like Aryabhatt & varahamihira) comprehended the motions of visible celestial bodies, the astrologers later exploited that knowledge to instill fear & gain power over the uneducated to make their living. This unfortunate tradition of fearing the celestial motions is a mass madness in India.

Astronomy is science & astrology as pseudoscience.

While I consider myself a Hindu advocate, I hate these morons of VHP, Bajrangdal etc (Rightist wing) for propagating pseudosciences as real science. This is a dangerous phenomenon & the rest of the world will only acknowledge us as stupid!

It is like Jandhyala-Suthi veerabhadra rao comedy saying Newton is “Nutanudu from kakinada”, “Shakespeare is chakrasenudu from Vijayawada”

If you listen anything about Vedas: question the source;
If you say anything about Vedas: give a reference;
For that matter anything ancient.

Progressive society is what India needs. So develop questioning!


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