Definition of Greatness

While greatness is relative, don’t say someone is great just because everyone says.. dont say you like somebody/something just because its a market trend.
Case 1:
When I watched “The last samurai” – I got goosebumps out of the music..
Then I waited for the rolling credits to see who it is!!

So, that makes Hans Zimmer a great musician ..
not the other way around.. we need not listen to his music because is recognized as great!!
Case 2:
Long long ago when i was in inter I use to be fan of an “aunty” who appeared in “Whirlpool” commercial. I even remember stopping for that ad.

That is what makes her beautiful.. not her name being Trisha and she was a star of that decade;


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Hi, I am kran. I write about any thoughts that inspire me.

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