Bhagavatam “Interstellar”ed

Bhagavatam interstellar-ed
For all those INTERSTELLAR fans:
Relativity as explained in Hindu text of “Bhagavatam” – (a small sample of the zillion):
1 human year = 1 day for common gods
But for Lord Brahma who lives in a different world(brahma Loka) it’s measured in millenniums.

Hindus are centuries and centuries ahead when it comes to theoretical physics & science fiction..

Unfortunately it is tagged as Mythology.

My friend Sreenu reminds of another story in Mahabharat:  “Brahma is also a large unit of time. There is a story of Revathi wife of Balaram where time dilation effect is depicted . I think this story is also mentioned by Stephen hawking’s brief history of time. Relativity and all the physics is always there but is taken to masses by interstellar the movie”

While I read this Revathi story in various “Mahabharta” versions & the origination is from the spin-offs of Bhagavata Purana & the Vishnu Purana .


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