Ananta Sesha

Ananta= Infinity
Sesha= 0
Ananta Sesha= Between 0 and Infinity
Vishnu = Universe

Vishnu reclining on Ananta Sesha = The Universe floating from 0 to Infinity ..(a big bang may be? )

Similarly when the usage is
Adi- 1
Sesha -0
They should be talking deep about Binary

I think the deep philosophers & rishis were always talking riddles about the secrets of universe; while the mediocre thinkers were publishing mythologies in those days giving blue color to the skin etc.,

My friends Soniya & Mahesh improvised the theory adding their version:

In an age when people deeply believed in God and atheists would be killed for not believing, the riddles embedded in myths could be the philosophers’ way of passing on their knowledge. Willing to accept Ananta or Adi followed by many Seshas.

The comments reminded me of the intermediate theorems:
1 followed by zeros leads to Ananta
Ananta followed by zeros also leads to Ananta


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