Pallandu Pallandu

పల్లాణ్డు పల్లాణ్డు, పల్లాయిరత్తాణ్డు
పలకోడి నూఋఆయిరం
మల్లాణ్డ తిణ్తోళ్ మణీవణ్ణా !
ఉన్ సేవడి సెవ్వి తిరుక్కాప్పు ….


Chinnappudu amma, daddy tho sivarathri ki krishna snanalaki chala husharugu velley vallam ..

poorvikulu raamanujacharya sampradayam follow avutunnaru kabatti siva rathri ki kuda vyshavula acharam lo peddalaki tarpanalu vadulutamu..

Then I use to hear this song/keertana/slokam/mangalam ..


Dasavataram –

I doubt if the idea of using this Thiruppalandu sloka is Kamal Hasan’ s (idea) or KS Ravi Kumar or Devisri Prasad or the so called song composer Himesh Reshammiya.. (Himesh ki anta scene ledu ani manam anukovachu.. But credits lo athani perey undi ga..)

The way director used this song for the film is a Marvel..

He captured the mood fantastic.

In the movie there is one more place the Heroine Asin wants to keep Lord inside the sand. The direction is classical master-piece..

Mangalasasanam paadi — appudu devudi vigrahaniki rest teeskomani cheptundi..

“mangalasasana parair madaacharya purogamaih

sarvai scha poorvai raacharyai sat krutaayaastu mangalam”


Recently a friend was asking – whats this pallandu pallandu ..

Though he has the answer.. looks like he wanted a debate and people talking about it..

Meaning in his words–

“as you saved for years, many years, many many years, many years of bhraman you save now”

Our ancient literature on the almighty is an “inspire”. And how genius brains utilizing it at right situations is more….

“Raayini maatram kantey – devudu kana raadu… ”
The sloka is at 2:10 in the below youtube link. The screenshot is from same link.


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