Shivam ..

shivam .. shankaram…. bandhuram… sundaram … sundaresam..

Ivala Karthika pournami .. “Shivam” ane peru, padam edo oka anubhuti, inspiration kaluguddi …

Then if the name “Shivam” has a form in real … Then its my friend “Shivam Awasthi” ..

The GUTS he showed last night when the car spinned 360 degrees due to Hydroplaning on the Yankee Doodle Road is truely wonder.. He is a magic.. Shivam drive chesadu kabatti Kranthi, Radha, Bajrang reached home safe..  Though a first experience of such a unique kind of accident in a life time it was so funny, thrilling awesome …. just because its SHIVAM in the driving seat…..

He is as good as my dad & Matt Kennedy…


Happy marriage anniversary day to Shivam….  No doubt the day is called Shiva Pournami or Kartheeka Pournami ..


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