Long hard road … ? Seasons of life…

Today a friend said —

life oka long hard road ani… ???

Naku immediate ga oka paatha song gurtochindi ..

“Vayasannadi .. viluvayinadi… ”

I said — life is long (avuna?)… andulo youth is short and sweet.. and you are still youth kada..

(Background lo sunil gaadi dialog — “Nuvvu youth enti raa”)

Ok -say between 20-30 is still considered as youth …. and in perfect health conditions.. and in so called perfect job conditions (US Onsite joblu kada…) If we feel life is HARD Road…. inka age baaru ayyaka… jeevitam meeda em ravali ?? (obvious answer) ..

Dude —

Who cares life is long or short

Who cares hard or not ..

Repey .. minnesota lo super-Tsunami vachi andaram pothamemo …    ((watch 2012 movie if you wanna know what is it.. He gave good demo :-))

— asalu road ledappa …

Before christ  aduvullone undey vallam ga… appude pothey .. ippudu ee discussion ledu ga..

so — life is not really long hard road… Life is like seasons…

rains, sun, autumn..  Ippudu minnesota lo tokkalo minus temperatures, snow and damn hydroplaning roads..

kani em chestam .. ala ala … saradaga lagicheyatame..

oka tumry chinese dubbing poem … (Office steps meeda raasi undi le .. not my own)

Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn,
a cool breeze in summer, snow in winter.
If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things,
this is the best season of your life……


About kranspire

Hi, I am kran. I write about any thoughts that inspire me.

One comment

  1. Irfan

    super comparision guru…

    mehdipatnam nundi office ki bayalu deri hitech city ki ocche darilo tolichowki lo aapi manchi mass hotel lo romali roti with butter chicken thinattu undi 🙂 u rock

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